Is the Blackberry Curve 9320 the perfect first time smart phone?

With new, high end phones like the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4 at the top everyone’s wish list it is easy to forget that other types of phone still exist some times. In fact you might be forgiven for thinking that smart phones are the only type of phone available these days. Anyway, if you have a son or daughter who is desperate to get their first smart phone you are probably not best pleased at the notion of having ... Read Article

How Your iPad Can Help You To Lose Weight

iPads are brilliant for all sorts of tasks, they make our lives easier by giving us most of the power and functionality of our home computers but in an incredibly compact and portable package. On top of all of that there are numerous apps available which bring us functionality we never even knew we needed! But as functional as they are, can these wonderful devices help you with your diet and make you healthier too? Well yes, yes they can. ... Read Article