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Is the Blackberry Curve 9320 the perfect first time smart phone?

Published on 23rd November 2014.

With new, high end phones like the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4 at the top everyone’s wish list it is easy to forget that other types of phone still exist some times. In fact you might be forgiven for thinking that smart phones are the only type of phone available these days.

Anyway, if you have a son or daughter who is desperate to get their first smart phone you are probably not best pleased at the notion of having to pay hundreds for a high end smart phone such as an iPhone. Let’s face it, these things are easy to break, alluring to thieves and costly to replace and/or insure.

So with that in mind, the makers of the original smart phone RIM have created the Blackberry 9320 – which may be the ideal choice for first time owners.

The Cost

One obvious advantage of the Curve 9320 is the cost – it is being priced at around £150 for a pay as you go model, and you will probably be able to find them even cheaper before long, which means you don’t have to send your son or daughter out of the house with £500 worth of technology in their back pocket.

This also means that Blackberry Curve 9320 insurance policies are pretty cheap (and well worth getting if your teenagers are anything like the ones I know).

The Size

This phone is also relatively small. Being a non-touch screen phone it doesn’t need such a big screen, which means that it is the ideal size for teens who are inevitably going to want less weight in the pocket and less bulk to carry around.

Another practical advantage to the above is that touch screens require a lot of power – this is one smart phone that will make it through more than a day without needing a charge, which means that you won’t have the frustration of being unable to get hold of your kids when the battery runs flat.


Lack of a touch screen might not be a great factor for young people, since touch screens are certainly all the rage right now, but touch screens are also highly breakable, which does make this phone somewhat less delicate than some of the more expensive smart phone alternatives.

That said the phone is pretty sleek, combing brushed metal with black plastic and curved edges which feel nicely finished. It certainly doesn’t feel like a cheap phone, which hopefully means that kids will approve.
Camera & Media

The camera on this phone has a 3.2 MP sensor, which once again is not stellar, but for a teen who is just graduated to a smart phone it is certainly capable of serving it’s purpose and will keep it’s owner happy. The camera also has a flash, which to me is a must for any smart phone really.

The phone also has a standard headphones port for listening to music and although there are no dedicated media buttons there are volume buttons and a convenience key which you can set to fire up the music player – a feature most young people will enjoy no doubt.


Being a budget level phone this doesn’t have a quad core processor, but then it doesn’t need it. It does have the fully fledged BB7 OS though, just as you would find on the higher end Blackberry phones. The processor does a good job and the whole phone works well, it can even multitask with little lag.

Bottom Line

So there you have it, the Blackberry Curve 9320 is certainly not a stellar phone to impress your friends with, but if you are thinking about letting your kids lose with their first smart phone then this is certainly a good choice xnk8pzv.

One thing Blackberry have never failed to do is produce functional, reliable phones that do the job well, and at the end of the day that should be why you get your kids a smart phone (as opposed to getting an iPhone because of how fashionable they are).

It is also nice knowing that your risk is limited, since it is a budget phone, cheap to insure and hopefully not too appealing to thieves – so it’s not so painful if it gets lost, stolen or dropped 2 weeks after you give it to them.