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How Your iPad Can Help You To Lose Weight

Published on 8th November 2014.

iPads are brilliant for all sorts of tasks, they make our lives easier by giving us most of the power and functionality of our home computers but in an incredibly compact and portable package. On top of all of that there are numerous apps available which bring us functionality we never even knew we needed!

But as functional as they are, can these wonderful devices help you with your diet and make you healthier too? Well yes, yes they can. Here are a selection of apps to download for just that purpose.


This app is basically a comprehensive food diary that helps you to track what you consume each day. It is well established that dieters who keep a food diary are up to three times as successful as those who do not, so this app seems like a no brainer.

Additionally, the app lets you track accurately the nutrient values of the foods you eat and other measurements such as water consumption.

– Another handy app that does a similar job is FoodTrackerPro, this offers a less comprehensive but arguably simpler interface with handy graphs to show your trending.


Pocket Yoga

Yoga is great for your well being and whilst it doesn’t burn a lot of calories directly it keeps your body limber and flexible and your blood flowing which has numerous health benefits for you.

Pocket Yoga is an illustrated instruction manual that you can take anywhere, so you can practice your moves wherever you get a spare minute and a little privacy.

Burn and Eat +

This app handles both intake and calories burned, incorporating the ability to track what exercise you have done and automatically estimating calories burned. You can then review the data over several days and see how many calories you have consumed, burned and whether you have an excess or deficit.

Glycemic Index & Load

You may well have come across glycemic index when looking for diet tips and advice but if you’re not familiar with it already the short explanation is that the lower the GI rating for a given food the better it is for your diet. It’s a little more complicated than that, but hey, look into it if you’re interested.

Anyway, this app is basically a big encyclopedia of different foods and their GI (glycemic index) and GL (glycemic load) ratings. This is a fantastic app to keep with you if you are on a diet or diabetic.

Wellness Calculator Suite

Ever wanted to get a quick idea of what your BMI is? How your body fat percentage is looking or just generally how fit and healthy you are?

This app has several functions with step by step instructions to tell you all sorts of things like what your ideal weight is and how many calories you should consume each day etc… You just select the data you want and put in the information it asks for.

Fitness Free

One great way to be fitter and healthier is to find ways to fit more exercise into your lifestyle. Fitness free gives you a great selection of innovative and effective exercises and routines to choose from. There are 300 routines and a fitness log is included to that you can log what you have done.

If you are ever at a loose end or have some spare time this app is a great source of inspiration for quick exercises that you can do for 5 or 10 minutes, and tracking all of your workouts is a great way to keep your enthusiasm up.

Weight Watchers

I hardly need to introduce Weight Watchers, but they now have an app for your iPad that allows you to track points, look up how many points each item of food is worth and find delicious recipes to keep yourself interested.

This is the ideal app for anyone following a weight watchers diet, since it does basically everything you might need.