Apple iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone 5C Deals

The Apple iPhone 5C is more of a sideward step for the model as it is not an immediate replacement for the iPhone 5. It is more of a budget model as it has a plastic chassis that comes in a range of colours but the make-up of the phone is the same as the iPhone 5. It comes with the 4 inch IPS LCD screen that has an amazing 326 ppi whilst the Apple A6 processor and dual-core 1.3GHz with 1GB or RAM work hard to ensure that the phone works exactly how it should.

It runs the latest iOS 8 which is smooth and easy to use with access to thousands of apps at the push of a button. Switching between apps and screens is simple and effortless. The rear 8MO camera with LED flash takes fantastic shots as well as HD quality videos and the front facing 1.2MP camera works brilliantly with FaceTime. Another excellent effort from Apple who have managed to take a great phone and make it more affordable.