Blackberry Classic

Blackberry Classic Deals

The BlackBerry Classic is an amazingly fast and astoundingly beautiful Smartphone. Equipped with the classic, reliable navigation keys and physical keyboard, typing is easy and efficient. In addition the 3.5inch touch screen display offers a superb viewing experience, whilst the 8 megapixel camera allows you to capture all those special memories with ease in exceptional quality. The 16GB of storage then provides enough space to store all you precious photographs, videos and favourite content.

The BlackBerry Classic contains an ample 2515mAh battery along with high-tech power optimization software, delivering up to 22 hours of continuous battery power. Also, BlackBerry Assistant permits you to deal with your email, contacts and calendar through voice and text instructions. With exceptional, clear and natural sound quality, an easy to use keyboard and screen and an impressive camera, the Blackberry Classic is a trustworthy and sophisticated Smartphone that is always ready to deliver results when you need them.