Nokia 108

Nokia 108 Deals

If anyone knows how to make a basic phone then Nokia certainly do. The 108 is just that but as always Nokia have tried to give the users that little bit more. With its traditional keypad and old-school look this is a phone that is practical and usable. Light and well built it will keep doing exactly what the user wants it to do. The 1.8 inch display gives way to vivid colours and more detail than expected and this is down to the fact that this is also classed as a cameraphone. The 0.3 MP camera takes basic images well and uses the phones display as well as possible and the digital zoom and self-timer are welcomed extras to further enhance the camera.

The 108 offers entertainment on the move and the built in FM radio and MP3 player are great features to have on a phone that is classed as basic and the 32GB of expandable storage will hold enough music and images. There is the classic Nokia Snake game included and the battery will ensure that the phone keeps on going, giving almost 14 hours of talktime and 31 days stand-by time.