Nokia Lumia 735

Nokia Lumia 735 Deals

The Nokia Lumia 735 is a aesthetically pleasing phone, with a sharp design that just simply gets to the point. Externally, it is hard to see past the large 4.7 inch screen that takes up 66% of the actual phone and this is only a good thing. The 720p ClearBlack OLED screen is classy and it gives the phone that extra spark. Underneath it is pushed along by the Snapdragon 400 system chip and the phone just simply coasts along with no problems at all. The 1GB of RAM is ample memory for those who like to use a number of apps at the same time and the 8GB of internal storage gives plenty of room for storing music and photos.

When it comes to the camera this phone is a slight game changer and is also known as the ‘Selfie’ phone. Not only does is have a 6.7MP rear camera but it also has a wide angle 5MP front camera that takes amazing photos. The phone comes with Windows Phone 8.1 which is reliable as expected. The phone offers super-fast 4G connectivity giving users instant access to everything they need.