Nokia X

Nokia X Deals

The Nokia X aims to be slightly different from its other touchscreen smart phone offerings and it doesn’t disappoint. For an affordable smartphone it comes with a very good 4 inch 480×800 pixel, capacitive IPS LCD screen that is excellent for all types of viewing uses. To keep the phone running smoothly there is a 1GHZ dual core Snapdragon S4 chipset and processor that also comes with 512MB of RAM which isn’t too shabby either.

However, one of the more noticable differences is that this phone runs on what is known as a ”forked” version of Android. This means that Nokia have taken aspects of the Android Operating System and built their own, new platform on top of it. There is a 3MP camera which does a great job of capturing images thanks to the ISO control, Digital Zoom and White balance presets available to the user. Video recording comes in at 864×480 pixels. The phone comes in a number of vibrant colours, offers 3G connectivity and a battery that will give the user over 10 hours of talktime.