Samsung E1270

Samsung E1270 Deals

The Samsung E1270 is a phone that is simply just a phone. This is a basic phone that carries out all the essential functions extremely well whilst also offering reliability and simplicity. What Samsung have done with the E1270 is stripped it back to its bare bones which means that it works straight out of the box. The first noticeable characteristic about the phone is the simple yet stunning design. The clam shaped phone is made to fit perfectly in the hand and takes up very little space so carrying it around is as easy as it can be. It is also light at just 82.9 grams making it great to handle and use.

For a compact, budget phone the screen is large at 1.77 inches and this makes it perfect for viewing messages and composing messages whilst still offering great colour thanks to the LCD display. It comes with a built in FM radio for entertainment on the move and its impressive battery gives a surprising 11 hours talktime.