Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace Deals

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is another reliable and functional phone from the South Korean Manufacturer and is crammed full of features which is unusual for mid-range mobile phone. The 3.5 inch screen with its 165 pixels per inch offers sharp images and an exceptional browsing experience. All of this is boosted by the Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 processor clocked at 800MHz which helps the phone to tick along nicely.

It comes with Android 2.2 which is packed with features and gives access to thousands of apps which are all easily usable on this model. The 5Mp camera takes sharp, crisp photographs and records QVGA videos comfortably. The camera has Autofocus as well as smile detection and an LED flash. The battery can give up to 11 hours talk time which makes this an extremely practical phone and being lightweight it is extremely comfortable to use. The memory is expandable to 32GB to further enhance the phones capability.