Sony XPERIA Z Deals

The Sony XPERIA Z is another great offering fromt he Japanese manufacturers and the phone certainly does not disappoint. The extremely large 5 inch display is stunning and captures the imagination when it comes to the whole viewing experience. The phone is stunning by design and with glass panels on the front and rear and plastic strips covering all ports, this phone is wate-resistant up to one metre. Underneath, it has a 1.5GHz quad-core snap[dragon processor and the 2 GB of RAM can support its functions easily.

The 2330mAh battery gives the phone enough power to run for a considerable time even when using a number of apps or making calls. The new 13MP Exmor RS camera sensor captures incredible images and offers HDR video recording and there is also a front facing 2.2MP camera. The Android Jelly Bean OS gives the phone a slick platform and with fast 4G connectivity and a HDMI connector for TV-out this phone has a lot to brag about.