Sony XPERIA Z2 Deals

The Sony XPERIA Z2 comes six month after the ZPERIA Z1 was launched and it has been upgraded in more ways than one. The large 5.2 inch display covers almost 70% of the front of the phone and it boasts a new imaging technology known as Live ColorLED. The screen brings everything to life and has an unusually high pixel density. The phone runs on the new 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chipset and when coupled up with the generous 3GB of RAM the phone just moves along without it even batting an eyelid.

The rear Camera boasts an impressive 20.7 MP’s and has the ability to record 4K videos as well as slow-mo and real-time effects. The camera on the front also has the ability to take photos at 2.2 MP’s which is a figure still classed as high for a front camera. It also offers Stereo speakers for incredible sound and is water and dust resistant and the Android KitKat OS compliments the phone set up superbly.